.NetGrid v2.8.0 has been released. RTL support, performance improvements

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We are happy to announce that a new grid version is out. The version 2.8.0 of .Net Grid has a lot of new performance improvements and new features.

Performance improvements

  • Significantly improved BindingList performance, especially with objects implementing INotifyPropertyChanged interface. Here you may learn about causes of poor performance and methods for performance improvement.
  • Significantly improved disposing performance for grids with a large number of sorted cells.
  • Optimized real-time cell highlighting.
  • Added new tutorials with practical guidelines on grid usage. The provided example shows impressive performance that can be achieved by following these simple guidelines.
  • Significantly increased binding speed of sorted grid

New features

  • RTL support (in the grid, editors, context menus, tooltips, reporting).
  • Added support of merged columns for combining columns in groups with common header. Within these groups users may move columns, change column size and run sorting. Full customization of header appearance is supported including insertion of images, changing background color or fonts.
  • Added Grid.Nodes.Insert() method enabling inserting data, not only at the end of the grid, but also in any position.
  • Added Row.Insert() method enabling inserting data at any hierarchical level in any position.
  • Foreground color blinking: Cell.Highlight(TimeSpan interval, Color backColor, Color foreColor) method was added.
  • Public toolstrip items ToolStripGridColumn, ToolStripGridGroupBoxPanel, ToolStripGridHeaderConfigurator and ToolStripGridRemoveSort were added. Now a programmer can subscribe to Grid.HeaderContextMenu.ItemClicked event and get information of header and column where the click was made.
  • Drag&drop support in grouped rows
  • Added AllowNew, AllowRemove, AllowEdit setters in ThreadSafeBindingList<T>
  • Possibility of using IFormat objects in unbound columns was added.
  • Removing highlighting of entire row upon receiving notification from INotifyPropertyChanged with non-existent field.
  • Support of themes in column filters
  • Many other improvements (see full list here).


Dapfor’s developers continuously strive to improve .NetGrid performance and to add new grid features making it easier for developers to use and greatly increasing performance of grid-based applications. A convenient API makes cell highlighting and simultaneous data filtering, sorting and grouping with highest performance really trivial tasks. Any hierarchy can be created easily. Dapfor is the only grid vendor enabling use of thread-safe event driven model in the application.

We hope that you will appreciate grid quality, performance and convenience of interface. Let’s create feature-rich high-performance applications together.


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